...or maybe not.

I sure hope Floyd told his mom the truth. The testosterone test isn't perfect. Still, only a fool would believe there is no doping in cycling, and it's natural to assume that the people doping do so with plans to win.



Floyd Landis blew it yesterday. He lost his chance to win the Tour de France. What did he do next? He admitted the obvious, to himself, to his team, and to the world.

But he didn't give up.

He went out today to show the world that one bad day may have ended his chances of winning the tour, but he was still going to give his team his best, the absolute best he could do.

The result? The best single day performance in modern Tour history. Landis beat the field, decisively. He was stronger. He had better strategy. He dug deeper. He won the stage, and is once again the favorite to win the Tour.

What an example of achievement for any endeavor.


P4 Medicine

I created a new blog on P4 Medicine. P4 Medicine is a term coined by Leroy Hood to describe the future of Medicine, which will be less about repairing damage, and more about preventing problems before they become serious.