My First Patent

Insilicos was issued a patent for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. This is the first issued patent that I have been an inventor on. It's exciting, since the patent actually matters for our diagnostic work. The method is for analysis of proteins carried by HDL particles. It's directly related to our ongoing clinical study to predict heart attacks in advance from a blood test. I'm really excited about the potential for this test to be a breakthrough in diagnosing CVD. You never know for sure until you have the data in hand, but I'm optimistic.


We launched a new cloud service

My company Insilicos has formed a joint venture with the University of Washington to further develop and commercialize the Rosetta molecular modeling software developed in David Baker's lab. The product is Rosetta@cloud, a cloud-based service for protein modeling and similar services.

We've been working on getting this project going for most of a year. It's nice to see some real customer activity!