High Pass Challenge 2009

This time, gold! Six hours, 38 minutes. Exactly 40 minutes faster than last year. I finished 57th out of about 500 riders.

Six an a half hours of riding about as hard as possible without bonking. I have trouble imagining anything I would have rather done with that day. So many great things happened, so many wonderful moments shared with other riders, so many friends and casual acquaintances met for one last time this season. It would have been a good day if I had missed my goal of 7 hours. But I didn't miss it; I exceeded my goal and then some.

Also, High Pass Challenge is an absurdly beautiful ride. You get great name-drop views of Mt. St. Helens and Rainier, plus a whole lot of other stunning high-altitude scenery.

Update: Here are the final statistics:
  • 538 started.
  • Of which 449 finished.
  • Of which 112 finished within the gold time limit.
High Pass Challenge is a true challenge, and a beautiful day in the mountains.

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