Parking: it's a skill.

September 13: SDOT SUV parked northbound in a no parking zone on Dexter Ave, blocking both a bike lane and a general traffic lane, right after a bus stop. This is downhill in a 30 MPH zone. (Just south of where Dexter passes under Aurora.) There are more dangerous places to park, but this one is pretty dangerous.

As soon as the driver saw me, she drove off. I didn't see whether she put down her cell phone first or not.

Update: I got this message from SDOT:

This is not an SDOT vehicle. It is a standard city vehicle used by all city departments. SDOT vehicles have our logos on them in blue. I would need a license plate to have facilities folks identify the city department using the vehicle. Perhaps there was an emergency situation that the driver had to respond to a phone call; it’s hard to know the circumstances.

Thank you for contacting SDOT

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