Front Fender

This is a setup I've had for about 5,000 miles. It broke, so I made it again, but stronger, so hopefully it lasts longer.

I wanted a front fender that extended in front of the brake, and I wanted to mount a light low. It all came together as a DiNotte 1200+, a piece of ABS, and a rack bracket bent over the brake as shown in the picture, to be fixed by the brake bolt.

It worked great for 5,000 miles, and then it broke, near the bolted end. Vibration-induced fatigue, obviously. So this time, two pieces of steel, together about 20% thicker than the original, deliberately separated a bit to damp vibration. Hopefully good for more than 5,000 miles.

I'm sure someone will complain that that fender is too high, and should be closer to better block spray. But it actually blocks a lot of water. By the time water is shedding off of the top of the tire, it's in a pretty thin line along the center most of the time.

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